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We at CENTA understand the fears associated with head and neck cancer and the unique problems that can accompany diagnosis. That is why we have assembled a world-class team of compassionate and highly trained health care providers who are dedicated to providing the best care available anywhere. This team meets weekly—every Wednesday afternoon—in our office, and allows each new patient to be examined by physicians from every specialty that might be involved in your treatment. In one location. At one appointment.

After all of the physicians have had the chance to speak with you and examine you independently, the team members discuss your case at length in a round table conference setting. We then discuss our thoughts and recommendations with you and your family members in as much detail as you need. And, if more than one option exists, those options will be presented, and you will have the option to ask as many questions as you need to make an informed decision.

The vast majority of practices don't do it this way. No other private practice in the state does it this way. Most university programs don't even do it this way. And even some of the most well-known academic medical centers don't do it this way, though they might have weekly Tumor Boards that allow the specialist who saw the patient to present the case to his peers in a lecture hall. These Tumor Boards don't allow you to meet those specialists or allow them to examine you themselves. And if a referral to one of those different specialty physicians is needed, it might be days or weeks before the referral is made.

That is why the founding members of CENTA started one the country's very first comprehensive, multidisciplinary head and neck tumor clinics three decades ago. And our clinic is privileged to include the region's most experienced and respected head and neck cancer specialists.

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