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Dr. Rigas

“I was seen by Dr. Nick Rigas for my newly diagnosed tongue cancer at the CENTA Clinic. My husband and I were so very pleased to have this opportunity. It "fast tracked" my treatments due to the ability to see all of the specialties I would need in my treatment. Everyone from ENT surgeon, radiologist, medical oncologist to dentist. Within two hours, we had a treatment recommendation. It would have taken several more weeks of numerous physician visits and for them to all communicate to have my treatment recommendation. What a blessing to have it in two hours! I was able to then start treatments a week later. I finished my chemotherapy and radiation a year ago this past January and am in remission. I think the prompt care I received at the CENTA Clinic helped make my good outcome possible. I have recommended CENTA Clinic to many people and will continue to do so."

-  Laurel Weddle

“Dr. Nick Rigas performed a larynjectomy on me September 13, 2012 after extensive testing, consulting with multidisciplinary doctors in the tumor clinic, and meeting with my girls and me. I did not want to lose my voice box but Dr. Rigas explained the tests left no choice, if I wanted to live. Dr. Rigas' staff are the most conscientious, reliable, caring professionals we have ever encountered. The hospital care, guidance, availablity of Dr. Rigas and staff by phone or email are all unbelievable. Now, after almost 3 years since surgery, I experience this same compassion and attention to any problem I encounter. With God's help, Dr. Rigas and his staff's availability, and my family's care and love, I am able to live an independent and enjoyable life. I will gladly talk or meet with anyone who wants me to share with them."

-  Marianne Wright

“I was blessed to be referred to CENTA for evaluation. Dr. Rigas and Dr Huntley operated on me for my advanced-cheek cancer. I felt completely confident that I was in "good hands" with this excellent team. I have had the best outcome possible. I am grateful to Dr. Rigas for his compassionate care."

-  Dillard Fairchild

“I Was first seen my Dr. Rigas, about 5 years ago, due to facial injuries from a bike accident. I was really too old to be on it. HaHa! at that time he took care of it with great success. Following that I went to him a couple of times for my ears and cleaning of the ears. He is always friendly and nice and ready to help in anyway. This year, I was having trouble breathing out of my right nostril. I thought I had a blockage that he needed to clean out. But, it happened to me my Turbinates were very swollen and would not go back to normal size with medication. The only result was surgery. The day of surgery he was very caring, and said there should be no bruising, and he would also fix my deviated septum. I was very happy when he told my husband that he had to do everything for about a week, so I would not bleed. Well, of course, you know how long that lasted. After surgery, I had no swelling, bruising, and little bleeding. I returned to his office a week later, and he cleaned the nostrils out. I can actually breathe and blow my nose now. It is great, what he did for me. I would recommend him to anyone, friend or family. I will be seeing him in a couple more weeks, and I will let him know how I adore him."

-  Ona Weddle

“Dr. Rigas is my hero. He saved my life. In 2012 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Other doctors told me to go home and die. Dr. Rigas worked hard to find a surgeon who could do the surgery. The surgery was at Ohio State and it was a success. The surgeons (a brain surgeon and an ENT surgeon) had only been doing the surgery since March and mine was in Sept. Since then, they have traveled world wide to teach others how to do the surgery. After the surgery, Dr. Rigas oversaw my follow up treatments involving proton radiation and regular radiation and chemotherapy. Dr. Rigas is a very approachable doctor. Whenever there has been a concern or problem, he has always responded quickly including replying to emails after his office is closed. His dedication, knowledge, and caring make him a great doctor."

-  Karen Christoff

“From beginning to finish, my interactions with CENTA was superb. I had to reschedule my appointment because my insurance was going to change in January. The lady assisting me (Denise?) did all she could to accommodate my schedule; she was able to work me in on two different days. The first appointment was with the audiologist. The receptionists were friendly and my wait very short. The audiologist was professional and personable, and she did a fantastic job of explaining my results. Two days later I met with Dr. Rigas. Once again the receptionists were friendly and the wait time very short. My time with Dr. Rigas did not feel rushed. He took his time to get to know me and asked good clarifying questions. Before I left, I was given free samples to try. I can't imagine how my interactions with CENTA could be improved."

-  Diane Rennick

“I have been extremely impressed with all the staff at CENTA. I was diagnosed with a parotid gland tumor and originally saw Dr. Phillips. He told me he would do my surgery if I wanted but Dr. Rigas does more of them. Dr. Phillips introduced me to Dr. Rigas and he was so down to earth, reassuring, and one of the nicest doctors I know. Had my surgery on New Years Eve day, and was extremely nervous. This surgery carries a risk of damage to the facial nerve which is frightening. Dr. Rigas promised to take very good care of me and he kept his promise! No facial nerve damage and my tumor was benign! I love how when I meet with him that he wants to take the time and doesn't seem rushed. Dr. Schwenk who did my fine needle biopsy was awesome too and so funny! Thanks again to Dr. Rigas for making me feel like an actual patient and not just a number. I am eternally grateful!"

-  Karen Tokarz

“I had a Thyroid nodule biopsy done that came back from two different labs as suspicious. Surgery was recommended. My ENT surgeon was not comfortable doing the surgery because I had RA treatment done several years ago for Hyperthyroidism. He sent me to CENTA in Carmel, a three hour drive from my hometown I felt anxious about the surgery. Dr. Nick Rigas was picked to be my surgeon. From the first time I saw Dr. Rigas to the last visit I was very impressed with him. His smile is infectious, his bed-side manner is reassuring and calming and his surgery skills are impeccable. We never felt rushed in any of our four visits with him and he took all the time we needed to answer our question and concerns. He is a 10 out of a 10 and I would recommend him to anyone needing a surgeon and doctor. Thank you Dr. Nick Rigas!!"

-  Gloria Davis

I've the pleasure of being Dr.Rigas patient. Hes so caring. He takes the time to explain everything that he will be doing for your care. And I got a phone call the next day after surgery to see how I were feeling. Hes the best. That phone call made me feel real special. Thanks for a Dr and staff of St. Vincent..

Shirley Haynes

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