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Dr. Phillips

“Dr Scott Phillips provided me with excellent treatment. He diagnosed the problem quickly after a thorough examination and treated the affected area. He sent me home with a prescription and follow up instructions. I have not had a problem since the visit- he pronounced me healed after the follow up exam. I would refer any of my family or friends to Dr Phillips- he has an easy going but professional manner and puts you at ease quickly. Although nose treatments are painful, he was able to exam and treat with a minimum of discomfort. I am glad that my primary care doctor referred me to Dr Phillips."

-  Michael Dolan

“My son Cade has been going to Dr. Phillips since the fall of 2006 (he was just 8 months old), we had our final visit with him last week. That is right, 9 years with Dr. Phillips!! We didn't have to go all of the time, but him and his staff made us feel like family when we did. I fully trusted him and his staff and I am so happy to say that my son passed his hearing test last week! Such a great feeling to know that everything he has went through has ensured his hearing. I am forever thankful that our doctor called Dr. Phillips back in 2006 to get us in. I can't thank him and his staff enough!"

- Amber Runyan

“My Name is Chuck Cothron and I am 60. I am very active but have always suffered from sinus problems. I have had four surguries in the past and they have been horrible . I was not excited to think of schduling for a fifth but had no option. It was time. I was referred to Dr. Phillips. We met and he was so nice and had so much positive innformation on how things have changed over the ast 20 years. The one major difference is there was no packing. He is by far made my experience the best surgery and my discomfort level was lowest ever. His care was the best from start to finish. I would recommend anyone who is even thinking of postponing their own surgery, Don't. You will be so thankful and happy that you did it. I am able to get back work and be with my family."

-  Chuck Cothron

“I have worked for a major airline for 27 years as a Luggage Handler Supervisor so obviously, even with hearing protection, I have had a noticeable hearing loss over that time. It has gotten so bad that my wife get irritated because I always have the TV loud, I ask her to repeat everything and miss most conversations at gatherings. I took a chance by going to CENTA because at the age of 52, you just don't want to admit that you need something like hearing aids.  I was very lucky to have Audiologist Maria and Dr. Scott Phillips guide me thru the steps, comfort and ease of using hearing aids! My quality of life has been a HUGE improvement and I thank them and their teams at the Avon office for all that they have done. They are very knowledgeable, polite, kind, professional and most of all personable! Everyone there is, the hearing aids are the product but the service provided by Dr. Phillips and Maria are VERY IMPRESSIVE! If you are considering hearing aids, I recommend that you contact CENTA as you will be treated with discreet and wonderful care!"

-  John Johnston

“I would like to say how much my allergy drops have helped me. For the first time in years I can enjoy the out doors in the spring and fall. Going to CENTA has made my life full again. I feel great!"

-  Judy Sibbitt

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